June 24th, 2023

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A Fringe must-see 'We'll Come Back to the Title. It's Fine.' stole my whole heart and then some


I remember when I was 4 years old, how seeing my first play ever, written by the acclaimed playwright Katus Mirt, brought a shimmering heaven-like glow to my face. It was still there multiple days afterward. My life had changed. I couldn't put it into words yet but I knew right then and there, theatre was my calling.

That type of connection with certain material happens rarely - as it should - and I am beyond thrilled to report that it happened to me again this week when I saw WCBTTT's production We'll Come Back to the Title. It's Fine.

In it three actors and a writer-director are working on an action play called Die Yesterday. To be fair, the group hasn't settled on that title yet.

You see We'll Come Back to the Title. It's Fine. is a play within a play that has so much genuine fun with the form. There are multiple laugh-out-loud moments, I will confess to a bit of snorting on my part. Even with all that sheer joy and mayhem the production still manages to be heartfelt and sincere. It left me with such immense love for these characters (and the actors portraying them).

We'll Come Back to the Title. It's Fine. is a love letter to creatives everywhere, this play sees their plight, their sorrow, their stubbornness and most of all, their endurance.

The creative process is a delicate one and the creators clearly know this from personal experience. They also know the most important thing of all - it doesn't matter if it all vanishes, if their creation seizes to exist or never fully comes into fruition at all, what matters is the trying, the fact that there was a creative speck there to begin with. Even if for the briefest of moments.

I urge you to get your tickets now before this show sells out. What a gem it is and an absolute must-see during Hollywood Fringe this year.

Starring: Leila Almas Rose, Jessica Park, Jaime Zevallos, Frankie Barrios

Production team: writer-director Liisi Rohumäe, producer Kandace Caine, production designer Abigail Salmon, marketing Genesis Jefferson, composer Jennifer Hawkins, graphics Avery Street

// This production is being presented under the auspices of the Actors’ Equity Association Los Angeles Self-Produced Project Code. //

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We'll Come Back to the Title. It's Fine. is playing at The Zephyr Theatre in June:

Saturday 3rd of June at 5pm.

Sunday 11th of June at 4:45pm.

Saturday 17th of June at 2pm.

Thursday 22nd of June at 9:45pm.

Saturday 24th of June at 10.15pm.

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